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Taken from the top of Poon Hill before sun rise_edited_edited.jpg
Taken from the top of Poon Hill before sun rise_edited.jpg





My name is Kyler. I'm just a simple dude. I'm a lover of drama, horror, fantasy, and everything else that makes us human. I enjoy

karaoke, beer, cheese, beer cheese, and stories.


Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to visit my website and being part of the dream I've always had since I was younger; telling stories. It's been with me since I can remember, and even though I'm just starting, I'm so relieved and humble (and scared) to be here. 


I'm incredibly thankful to let you in and show you pieces of me in these stories. Even though these stories are entirely fictitious, there is always some truth to them. 


I'm happy to be transparent in sharing my projects and the roadmap of future stories and books with you. And I can't wait to show everything to you. 


Now that we got my introduction out of the way, it's your turn, you author you, the author of your own life. I can't wait to see what you write and share and bring to the world. 

(This sounded way cooler in my head, but I'm a Leo, and I will die on whatever hill I stand on)



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